7 Essential Tools to Personalize Your Online eCommerce Webstore

Now that you’ve an eCommerce website, it’s time to take a close hard look at it. Even if it’s delivering the results you are looking for, you cannot afford to rest on your laurels. You need to keep improving the shopping experience offered by the site, otherwise your customers, existing and potential, will make their way to another site offering a more satisfying user experience. A profitable eCommerce site is always a work in progress. You cannot afford to take things lightly even for a second. You need to constantly think about improving the site and make the process of shopping even more personalized on your site. We are living in an era of personalization, where customers prefer using products and services that are tailor made to suit their needs and requirements. This means they are also looking for eCommerce webstores that offer a shopping experience that has been customized to suit their needs and requirements.

As a website owner you need to use the right tools to personalize your online store, here are six of them:

1.       Get Satisfaction


This tool helps you up the engagement quotient of your site. Think of your eCommerce site as something more than a platform that sells product. This tool allows you to integrate a community experience on your site. There is nothing better than shoppers spending more time on an ecommerce site and this can happen when they are engaged in conversations. This is a great tool for issue resolution and direct messaging. As a store owner, tracking conversations will also help you get the necessary feedback for your products and allow you to improve them.

2.       Baynote


Online customers love product recommendations because they’re usually short of time and are looking for a quick-fire shopping experience. Baynote Personalized Product Recommendations allows you to recommend products, offers, content by inferring customer interest through their actions on the website. This allows your site to deliver the kind of personalized shopping experience that every customer wants. It saves customer time, but at the same time allows you to engage their attention by making extremely relevant product suggestions.

3.        Related Products Manager for Magento


This tool simplifies up-selling and cross-selling for your whole catalog by generating related products automatically. It refers to the shopper’s buying pattern and page view behavior to come up with related products that have more chances of being up-sold or cross-sold. This is a Magento add-on that allows you to control product recommendations and you have the option of choosing related products manually. What you choose will always precede the automatically generated product mix.

4.      MAGIQ


Personalization should be timely, relevant and direct and this is what LifecyleMAGIQ brings to the table. You can deliver personalized message to individual shoppers when they are most expected to hit home. This individual personalization is not limited to messages but also dynamic landing pages. As can be imagined, it takes customer engagement to another level altogether. What is even more important is that you have access to the complete visitor history allowing you to work out more meaningful and results driven communication with shoppers.

5.      WP Greet Box


This is a great WordPress plugin that allows you to greet every new visitor to your site depending on the referrer URL.  Imagine a situation where you open an eCommerce site and are greeted by a personalized welcome message. Wouldn’t this set the stage for a satisfying shopping experience? Of course, it will and that is why this tool is a must-use.  We have now entered the era of personalization wherein, user/consumers prefer using websites that offer a personalized user experiences. Targeted messages will go a long way in improving website exposure and improving customer loyalty.  This article on How Online Personalization can Create Compelling Customer Experiences and Build a Better Business, tells you how and why website personalization boosts business growth.

6.        Ratings-Reviews from APPTUS


There is nothing better than offering ratings and reviews to improve the confidence of customers who want to buy a product but are looking for proof of its quality and functionality. If you don’t offer your customers reviews and/or ratings there is a good chance they will abandon your site.  It’s important to remember that most online shoppers are circumspect about doing business with a site that they know nothing about. This tool ensures target shoppers have quick access to ratings and reviews. In fact, this goes one step ahead and offers visual cues as a means of improving the traditional method of offering reviews and ratings. These visual cues can be linked to detailed reviews.

7.        LoopIt


You can add LoopIt to your product pages and your shoppers can tap into their network of friends through Facebook or email to converse with them while shopping. So, if you’re shopping for a T-shirt and can’t seem to make up your mind about which one to pick, or you want to discuss your choice before you buy the product, you can always get your friends into the act. This makes online shopping even more engaging. There is yet another reason why LoopIt is such a great tool and that is social proof.

In a world, where people are using social media for a variety of activities, they are also looking to improve decision making by backing it with social proof.  If you want to buy something and you know quite a number of people on your friends and followers network who have already bought it, its proof that the product is a good buy. LoopIt is one great way of bringing social proof into play on your ecommerce site. As can be imagined, this will improve your site’s sales figures.

End Note

Online shoppers are discerning individuals and also very demanding ones. They will not only look for products and services designed to suit their interests and preferences, but also look for a site that offers their kind of shopping experience. By using these tools to personalize your ecommerce site, you will be giving online shoppers what they want.

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