Are you aware of the crawling and indexing basics of Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing as the name suggests is a part of promoting the products and services on the web based platform. When we talk about this platform, the reason business firms are taking an initiative in online marketing efforts is that the world is majorly considering internet as a scaffolding to get to the best products and services in the domain. However, this path is not so easy as it appears since every search engine has its own algorithms that check the genuineness of whatever is claimed in this online business world.

What is the concept of crawling and why it is important to consider? You might have this question in your mind. We are aware that internet marketing is about spreading the tits and bits of information all over the web and forming a network that is vast enough to encapsulate the major target sectors. In order to ensure that this activity is carried out honestly and that business firms get the credit they deserve, it is essential to monitor the channel and this is where the crawlers or Google bots come into play. They are known as robots or spiders for other search engines. This process makes your link visible when it notices that it is covering multiple sources of relevant information.

The other concept in internet marketing era is that of indexing. The concept is quite similar to the concept of crawling. In fact, we may say that the two processes are interlinked. When the Google bots come across the content of your website, each and every page together with the keyword density and the validity of links is thoroughly reviewed. Indexing may refer to mentioning of your web pages on the Google search results and the reasons for pages not getting indexed may vary from the keyword density to the proper context of usage to plagiarized content.

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