Your website is nothing less than another store front for your company. One look at the facts will prove this: it’s the first thing your customers see, it’s a direct portal to all of your products and services, and it’s a place where people can ask questions and interact with your sales and customer service staff. Oh, and if it looks like a dump, people will take their business somewhere else.

The modern website looks clean, streamlined and professional. Gone is the flashiness, the crazy sparkle backgrounds and the snore-inducing GIF animations of the 90’s. These days, websites are honed and sharpened for the sole purpose of doing business.

Earning that business, unfortunately, is not always easy. A popup Call to Action (CTA) displayed too early could send a customer away annoyed. If your CTA is seen too lateor even not at all,that’s another lost opportunity. Now consider all the business you continue to lose when these customersaren’t raving about how great your product is to their friends and family on social media.

Which brings us to a very important question: how much money is your website losing you? Thousands, tens of thousands of dollars? Could that even be possible?

Absolutely it could. Design is more than what looks pretty on a page. It’s about getting information to your customers that matters most, and getting it to them quickly. It’s about strategically identifying locations to place copy, pictures and CTAs to maximize conversions.

Are there a million web development companies in Houston that can build you a good looking site? There sure are. But what about a company that can provide a solid and secure internal infrastructure, or improved load time and efficiency during busy hours, or the ability for you to change content with ease? What about a company that knows marketing inside and out, and can turn your page into an income-generating monster? Look again: there’s not much competition left standing.

EZQ Consulting has the expertise, the dedication, and the industry knowledge that will take your website to the next level. We know the web development industry in Houston inside and out. Let our expertise work to your advantage and get your site up to speed and competing in the 21st century.

We’re ready. Are you?