Debunking 10 Myths Associated With Internet Marketing

Global digital advertising is now a $117-billion industry. It is absolutely essential for businesses to have an active digital presence in this day and age. But despite a steady stream of research proving the effectiveness of Internet marketing, many companies are reluctant to embrace this new advertising medium. The reason being the world of online marketing is weighed down by a number of myths and superstitions.

We are bringing to you 10 such myths in this post and destroying them with great delight!

1. Internet Marketing Is Expensive

Nothing could be further from the truth. Digital marketing isn’t expensive for any business. In fact, online marketing solutions are highly cost-effective when compared to traditional advertising media that business owners are more familiar with.

Traditional advertising channels cost a premium, especially if you are targeting a specific position in newspapers or a specific time slot on the local television. Even after paying heavy charges for advertising, there is no guarantee that the people you are targeting will watch your advertisement.

On the other hand, the cost of creating and maintaining a presence on the Internet is fairly low. Social media only costs if you’re paying for promoted posts or tweets. There are many companies that offer cost-effective domain name registrations and web hosting solutions.

2. Internet Marketing Is Something You Do Only Once

Some marketers believe that sporting a good website and being present on popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter is sufficient. But this is a big misconception.  Internet marketing requires consistent efforts in the form of posting relevant content on social networks, updating your blog regularly, monitoring your website and social channels, and making changes in your Internet marketing strategies accordingly. To generate leads and drive revenue from Internet marketing, you need to stick with it.

3. Quantity of Traffic Is All That Matters

Believing that more is better has been the undoing of many a marketer.

Businesses selling their products/services online are too concerned about generating a high number of visitors (or traffic) to their websites, hoping that out of those hundreds (or thousands) of visitors, a certain percentage will ‘convert’ and become a qualified lead.

But the fact is that it’s not so much the amount of traffic you generate that matters, but the quality of this traffic. What’s the point of attracting to your

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