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Technology has revolutionized our ways of living and mostly the way we communicate with each other. Now your mobile phone is not just a phone, it is more than what you can imagine. Yes, we are talking about the mobile phone applications which have opened the gateway to knowledge, entertainment. gaming, advertising, marketing and many things on the small screen of your Smartphone.

Android application development company Houston

Mobile Application Development Houston has taken a leap in recent years with the introduction of new technologies which can support a software application on different platforms (operating systems e.g. android, iOS, Windows etc., database management software, even software running in the public cloud) where the app runs on and carry interpret the computing languages in different format e.g. JSON, XML, HTML, and even text files.

One should remember the difference between an application and its platform. In simple words, application is for the end user while platform is an application developer thing. Android application developer Houston and its associated company like EZQ Consulting is a renowned name in development of application for android operating system based application along with other operating system bound applications like iOS, Blackberry, Windows etc.

There are two biggest mobile application markets in mobile app distribution field which are Google Play store which was formerly known as Android app store and App store for iOS. The demand of android apps is increasing and many people want to convert their ideas into an android based application to start or expand their business.

Android app developer Houston

We have a team of android app developer which has successfully developed many android applications. Our developers are not restricted to coding and designing user interface for the app but they used to engage themselves throughout the development process means from receiving an idea to designing an eye catchy icon, user friendly user interface and lay out, top class bug free coding, testing the prototype and not to mention the marketing of the app on Google Play.

Our development team at EZQ Consulting is skilled, experienced and well equipped with technologies used for mobile app development. They are also involved in development of apps for other platforms like iPhone, Windows, Blackberry, Palm pre apps and games for iPhone and android phones. Our developers integrate the android applications to become compatible with servers coded in different computing languages such as .net, Java, php, ruby and python etc..

Some of our famous mobile apps used by the end users are for

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