How To Get Everybody Talking About Your Mobile App?

Developed a mobile app? Good! Congratulations! Pat your back for a job well done! But now what? Do you think people are going to download your app from Google Play or the Apple store just because it is available on that store? Google Play has more than one million apps on the store; there are hundreds and thousands of apps vying for user attention in a particular category, so what makes you so sure, they’re going to pick your app from amongst all others. This is the reason why you’ll need make you app go viral. You’ll need to get people talking about your app and generate some hype around it. Otherwise, it will get lost in the crowd. It can be the best app ever to have graced a specific category on the app store, but it still might not get the traction it deserves, because it doesn’t appear on the radar of its target users.

So, how do you get people talking about your mobile app? How do  you kick start its virality?

For your app to become a viral sensation, it needs to be useful, share-worthy, must incentivize sharing, and sharing must create more value for its users.

This means you need to think about the viral quotient of your app, right from the development stage. You will need to make sure your app offers its users something to share. It could be anything. But it needs to be something that has incremental value. For e.g. if it’s a travel app offering information about the best travel destinations, you could add a feature that allows users to share travel photos. This will prompt their friends and family to use this app.

So, let’s take a closer look at going viral with your app. Here are the elements of  a successful viral plan for your mobile app:

Make Sure Your App has Effortless Flow

The need to make your app viral should be at the back of your mind, while developing a mobile app. This will help you come up with an immersive mobile experience that makes users want to share this experience with people they know. It must be easy to use and must make the user want to spend more time with the app. The usefulness of the app and its ease of functionality are crucial to its ability to go viral. Making sure you keep this in mind while conceptualizing the app will be a step in the right direction.

Integrate a Social Media Sign In

Make sure your app has a social media sign-in. For e.g. the app must make users sign into their Facebook or Twitter accounts; this should be a mandatory exercise. This will allow them to do a bit of real time data sharing with people on their network. It’s important this sign in requires as limited an effort as possible. On the web, we’ve always appreciated sites/applications that allow one click sign-in; make sure that a one tap/one click sign is a feature of your app as well. What you are essentially doing is making it easy to share stuff with your app.

Encourage users to share on your app

The app must persuade people to share by offering rewards. Rewards based sharing provides the much needed impetus to people for continuously sharing information. Inviting friends to use the app and rewarding users who’ve managed to invite the maximum number of people who’ve turned into active users of the app is a sure shot way of achieving app success. Everybody loves a freebie, and if it doesn’t take a lot of effort to qualify for it, everyone will try to earn it.

Reward people downloading the app

Current users sending invites to the people on their network to use their apps is a great viral idea, but rewarding first time users of the app is something that gives a further boost to the app’s virality. There are plenty of apps that offer some sort of reward to first time users. This can take the form of discount coupons, a product offer or something else. The key here is to offer something worthwhile to these users, something that will make them want to share your reward system with others.

Keep Coming up with new updates/patches/reasons to share

Achieving virality of the app is a never ending process. So don’t stop. Keep coming up with updates for  systematically improving its UX  and making your app more share worthy. Your app shouldn’t be allowed to stagnate. It’s virality should be a work in progress.

As somebody who’s developed the app, make sure you’re in the thick of things as well. One of the things you could do is create a Facebook page for the app, and share interesting tidbits about the app much before it’s release. This will generate pre-release hype for the app. Once the app is launched, use the page as a discussion page and a means of getting feedback from users. Make sure you answer all queries related to your app, and are able to offer solutions for any problems faced by the user.

Your app will go viral if you give enough reasons to people for sharing the app. You need to make them feel they don’t want their friends to miss out on using a useful app that delivers tremendous value.

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