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Mobile apps development houston is well recognized for development of intriguing, stylish and user friendly mobile application and EZQ Consulting is among such mobile app developers who has achieved success in this field. Houston mobile app developer firms are among the Top Texas app developers because they are proficient in developing mobile applications (Android, iPhone, Blackberry etc.), testing in a simulator, and integrating to mobile devices.

Android developers Houston

Our skilled and experienced Android developer team has developed applications which can be utilized for

  • 3D images and videos on android mobile phones
  • Track location through GPS and GPRS
  • Backend service using technologies like AJAX and XML-RPC. These technologies enable you to send and receive information in different formats such as JSON, XML, HTML, and even text files.
  • Enabling Visual search on different Operating systems (iPhone and Android)
  • Integrating applications on Android to become compatible with .net/Java/php/ruby and python servers

Houston mobile app developer

Our mobile app development Houston team also works on numerous development of games for android platform means if you a gaming idea which can be the next sensation in gaming world then we are ready to offer you our assistance. Besides that we also offer prototyping services to develop functional prototypes so that you can check how your idea will look and act on different mobile platforms like iPhone, Android and Windows operating system based Mobiles.

Some very basic applications we develop for mobiles include applications for multimedia, location based tools, barcode scanner, travel guides, games and utility. We have integrated the expertise in design, marketing, project management and coding to create the professional mobile application which can match up to your expectations in design, programming and its deployment.

Contact us right now if you have a unique app idea in mind which can be boost your business to reach the next level in your field. We will be happy to offer our expert services to make your idea a reality.

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