Single Page Websites – Is One Page Enough To Make an Impression?

You must’ve come across plenty of single page websites while browsing the World Wide Web. One of the more interesting facets about these websites is that they are saying a lot of things on one page, so one feature that distinguishes them from other sites is scrolling. But to look at single page websites only through the prism of scrolling is not doing full justice to it.

Contemporary single page websites don’t just depend on global navigation or scrolling as a way of moving around the site. Designers use the latest software for persuading people to explore their one page website designs by offering different visual and functional cues.


If you go through this small sampling of single page websites, you will realize two things 1) a good single page website is really difficult to conceptualize 2) one page can help you say quite a number of things and make an impact on website visitors.

Most single page websites are built using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, so as far as the building materials are concerned, there is nothing really different between them and multi-page websites.

Building Single Page Websites

The thinking that goes behind such sites is tougher as compared to multi-page websites. It’s not very hard to understand this challenge. On single page websites you can only work with the real estate of one page to make your point. But multi-page websites give you the benefit of real estate spread across different pages. Planning and organizing these one page websites and coming up with an interactive, engaging and intuitive user flow is the real challenge.

A designer needs to collaborate with the client to first identify the ideal visual elements that will form an important part of the website. These visual elements need to perfectly align themselves with the story the website wants to tell and the key is to structure the single page logically and lay it out in easy-to-understand sections.

Designers can build a website that follows the conventional route of offering users the native scrollbars to browse through the website or use the best that CSS3 has on offer to take the single page experience to another level altogether. Astute designers can also take the help of JavaScript to offer an animated scrolling experience to users.

Let’s just say that the options are limitless as far as designing great single page websites are concerned.  It’s the designers abilities that dictate the shape such websites will take.

Do you really need single page website?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. If you think such websites will solve your online purpose, go ahead and get yourself a one page website. Many businesses use single page websites, because they believe a single, interactive page that offers an engaging user experience will help make a better impression on their website visitors. But in such cases, you will have to come up with an amazing site that offers a visual and functional experience that your target audience hasn’t come across before.

To pick or not to pick the singe page approach for your business’s web design needs is a very personal decision, but you must make sure you’re making a highly informed one. But whether you want to wow your visitors or just don’t have much to say to them, a single page website is never  a bad decision if you get it right.

The Advantages of Single Page Websites

If you’re still wondering whether you want a single page website, here are a few benefits that make the case for such sites:

  • All the content is on the page, so there is no danger of the site slowing down, unless the designer gets the site and its coding terribly wrong.
  • The fact that you don’t have a lot of space to play around with, means you give quality the importance it deserves, and focus on excellent use of design and on-site content to make your point.
  • You’re able to stand out from the crowd, because there aren’t as many single page websites going around as multi-page websites.
  • The maintenance of these sites can be easily handled as you’ve got just one page to maintain.

End Words

If you’re planning to get a single page website designed, make sure you know why you want a website with just one page for your online presence. Don’t go into it for the heck of it just so that your brand comes across looking cooler than its competition. There is no doubt that single page websites will allow you to score a few brownie points, but it’s important to understand how you can go about earning these points.

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