Pay Per Click (PPC) is simply put one of the greatest marketing techniques ever invented, and it doesn’t take a hundred pages to explain why. Not only does it allow your new business to compete directly with the Big Guys, but it’s cost effective and thus holds immense ROI potential. Oh, and did we mention that it makes you money when you’re at home having dinner with your family? Definitely a perk!

Few marketing channels in Houston can reach specific niche markets with as much accuracy. And even better: when you combine Pay Per Click (PPC) with a solid SEO infrastructure, improvement in sales and brand recognition are not far behind.

So how does Houston-based EZQ go about a PPC campaign? Easy! Our ingredients include:

• Specialized tools such as Google AdWords, which allow us to develop honed keyword targets. Bluntly put, without good keywords, your PPC campaign is toast, finished, dead on arrival. Bad keyword direction means you’re trying to sell diapers on dating websites. If that’s happening, it’s time to fire someone!

• Smart programs like Google Analytics, giving us insight into important demographics as well as the number of people checking out your site. This also helps us measure income earned through a PPC ad or a campaign in general.

• Strategic methods of keeping costs down. We do this by devising very specific ad campaigns at first, and then expanding the reach of your ads later on. Besides, what’s the point of increased revenue from a PPC campaign if you have to spend it all on more PPC campaigns?

PPC campaigns can get expensive fast. Usually the bigger the market, the more expensive the keywords become. If you’re trying to break into a saturated market, we can help you identify specific keywords that will bring down costs as well. No, no, don’t thank us. We love saving you money!

If you’re interested in PPC, drop us a line! The sooner you do, the sooner word gets out about you!